Washington Targets Cupertino

City Journal

Silicon Valley innovators love to talk about “disruptive innovation,” the iconic phrase coined by Harvard’s Clayton Christensen. But today, the innovators’ dilemma—to borrow from Christensen again—is how best to confront disruptive regulation from Washington, D.C.

Don’t Punish Energy Producers for Wall Street’s Misdeeds

e21: Economic Policies For The 21st Century, Spencer Abraham & Mark P. Mills Congressional passage of Dodd-Frank was intended to address the root causes of the 2008 financial collapse. Most people think that the legislation just applies to banks. But swept into Dodd-Frank are the financial tools used by major energy producers and consumers to…

Drilling for More Jobs in America’s Heartland

RealClearEnergy With America's economy stuck in a lethargic "recovery mode" and the all-Washington all-media focus on the Affordable Care Act, President Obama took to the road last month to give a speech in Ohio about jobs and manufacturing. Buried in that speech we find a brief nod to the benefits of increased American oil and…