Digital Power Capital

Mark P. Mills formerly served as President and chief tech strategist for Digital Power Capital, a venture fund that was an affiliate of Wexford Capital LLC. DPC focused on technologies that arise from the convergence of the power, tools, materials and software of the digital age.  Focus areas included: smart grid technologies and software, the power infrastructure of information technologies; emerging alternative energy technologies for energy storage, production, control, and transmission; next generation semiconductor materials; physical and cyber security.

Examples of investments from the (former) DPC portfolio include:

Amphitech Digital Infrared Imaging ICx Technologies
International Battery Intrinsic Ion Optics
Kyma Technologies LED Lighting Fixtures Neocera
Nomadics Nuvonyx Picometrix
Power Analytics PowerSicel Sago Systems
SensArray Infrared Silicon Power Symmorphix
Theseus Logic Wavestream