Fear Not The ‘Intelligent’ Machine

Inside Sources …..>> Polls reveal most Americans fear artificial intelligence. Blame the culture, not the machines. Start with Hollywood’s long love affair with robots running amok. Two iconic examples: the “thinking machine” HAL in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 movie “2001,” and the rogue “Terminator” robots in a movie series that began in 1984.

Self-Driving Car Dreams

Real Clear Policy…..>> This year marks the 100th anniversary of the idea of the self-driving car. In 1918 Scientific American published a vision of the “car of the future” when “the steering wheel will be obsolete” and driving “done from a small control board.”

It’s a Terrible Time to Regulate Big Tech

Real Clear Politics …………… A new Rasmussen poll finds half of Facebook’s users say they might bail out of that social media site because of privacy concerns. For Facebook’s detractors, there’s surely some schadenfreude. And its competitors sitting on the sidelines are doubtless salivating over the prospect of nabbing customers. At stake here, however, is much more…

The Top 10 Technologies That Concern Millennials

Real Clear Science          … if you’re a corporation in the business of disrupting the status quo, say, or a pundit looking to stir up trouble, or a writer of dystopian movies and novels, what you should want to know is what kinds of things worry Millennials.