The Future Electric Grid

The American, American Enterprise Institute magazine We hear increasingly that technology is making today’s electric utility model ‘obsolete’ and will put its companies into a ‘death spiral.’ Is it possible that so much has changed so quickly?

Your Technology Is Powered by Coal. Get Over It.

RealClearEnergy Earlier this month Stanford University announced that its endowment would divest itself of any investments in companies "whose principal business is coal." … You do not have to have an opinion on global warming, or coal itself, to see a logic problem with the posture of eschewing companies that produce coal, but supporting companies that…

Washington Targets Cupertino

City Journal Silicon Valley innovators love to talk about “disruptive innovation,” the iconic phrase coined by Harvard’s Clayton Christensen. But today, the innovators’ dilemma—to borrow from Christensen again—is how best to confront disruptive regulation from Washington, D.C.