When Science Gets Subverted For Political Goals

When is a scientific debate finished? When should naysayers just be ignored? And in cases where the topic involves science-based public policy, deeply relevant to the well-being of the citizenry, when should doubters be denied the public forum of government funding and media attention?

Clean Energy Driven Job Growth Is A Return To The Stone Age

At the end of October, backed by a $1 billion federal loan guarantee and cool technology, Brightsource Energy announced the creation of the world’s biggest solar power plant in the Mojave Desert, the 330 megawatt Ivanpah. The plant will, according to Brightsource, “create more than 1,000 local union jobs at the peak of construction.”

The Magic of Energy Engineering

Engineers love to do the seemingly impossible. Plus they sure can build and do incredible things – from monster machines like the Deepwater Horizon (which 99.9% of the time worked amazingly fine) or a Boeing 777 to exquisite machines like the Mars Rover or the iPad.