I write a regular column for Forbes.com covering the intersection of technology, policy and economics.  I also frequently write Articles and OpEds for many other publications such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, RealClear, City Journal, and Investors Business Daily.

My research Reports typically focus on policy issues associated with energy and technology in my capacity as a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute; several years ago I was amongst the first to predict the scale and implications of the boom in shale oil & gas. I often produce tech-centric reports for clients; my analysis of the electricity demands of the Internet went viral globally.


Some readers may find interesting facts and ideas (and validation of my forecasting) in the tech Investment Newsletter, the Digital Power Report, that I co-authored a decade ago. My colleague and I explored the underlying technologies across dozens of domains.


And, similarly, I co-authored the book, “The Bottomless Well” (Basic Books 2005/2006) which rose to #1 in the Amazon science category, and about which Bill Gates said:

“This is the only book I’ve ever seen that really explains energy.”

The book detailed the key science and technology realities and trends across the entire scope of energy domains in how society uses and produces energy, from lasers and LEDs to oil and solar power.