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Mark Mills is a gem! Get him, if you can. He delivers original, substantive information in a way that charms and captivates audiences from beginning to end.” ~ Steve Forbes

TrendMacro, August 3, 2023

The Machinery of Money, Global Interdependence Center

Technology & The Future

Cyberphysical realities. Forbes CIO Conference

The Grand Nexus: Energy, Materials, Information

Robophobia - Work in the age of robots, Northwestern University 2018

TPH Energy Tech Disruptions

"New Energy Economy" Delusion

How I Work with Clients

I’ve given hundreds of speeches to audiences ranging in size from corporate Boards to ballroom audiences for major conferences. I’m as comfortable providing boutique audiences with extensive ‘deep dive’ briefings, as giving inspirational keynote addresses.

Leading up to a speech, I talk to the event planners about logistics, audience size and make-up, and especially about goals, preferences and what everyone is trying to accomplish. My clients have included small and large companies, banks, investment firms, trade associations, engineering organizations, and economic development groups in North America and Europe. My life has been spent at the intersection of technology, policy and business, so when I speak to organizations, I endeavor not only to focus on an event’s specific goals, but also to impart my sense of (reality-grounded) optimism about our future in these confusing and complex times.

I bring a different perspective, I’d like to think somewhat unique, to the challenge of explaining technology and relating to varied audiences.   Many pundits have had a career exclusively in punditry, but I’ve walked-the-walk as a practicing research scientist, development engineer, entrepreneur (where I’ve succeeded and failed), investor, advisor and board members, policy practitioner (including frequently testifying before the U.S. Congress) and writer. My array of experiences has given me insights helpful to other entrepreneurs, executives and businesses.