The Cloud Revolution - Translated and published in South Korea and China

“Praise for The Cloud Revolution”

“Makes the exciting—and convincing—case that we’re on the cusp of a fantastic new era of technological breakthroughs that will vastly enrich our lives. What a timely—and much needed—antidote to the debilitating pessimism that now reigns.”

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

“This is a book about how the future will work. The ‘20s’ will roar because of the new economy made possible by the Cloud. ‘Data is the new oil’ not because it replaces oil but because of the wide range of new industries and innovation it will spawn. This is a book that one will learn much from—and be amazed by.”

Vice Chairman of IHS Markit
Pulitzer Prize-winning Author of The Prize and The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations

“By leveraging an encyclopedic approach to the history of technology, Mills presents a boldly optimistic vision of a future that ushers in a new golden age for all humanity, one that will be made possible by the world’s first, civilization-wide intelligent information infrastructure: the cloud.”


“The world is on the threshold of a wave of technological advancement that will launch an economic boom of historic proportions . . . and Mark Mills proves it with a tour de force of evidence that educates, entertains, and ultimately proves its point. This book boils it all down so the trends become visible, and the future becomes predictable. Strap on your seatbelt.”

CEO & Principal Energy Markets

“[A]n entertaining tour of a wide range of developments that have the potential to reshape our world sooner than we might expect.”

Wall Street Journal

“Entertaining and educating while linking history, technology and unusual savvy, Mark Mills’s The Cloud Revolution shows an unprecedented upcoming convergence of technological forces from whose acquaintance you can’t help but be a much better investor.

Founder and Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments
Multi-national Columnist and Bestselling Author

“A compelling case for optimism: An economic boom in the immediate future driven by the convergence of three evolving technologies aided by the Cloud. Tons of verifiable data support the case… An antidote to the doomsday scenarios that seem to tint everything today.”

Dean of the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Northwestern University

“The Cloud Revolution is the 2020s indispensable book for investors, boards, entrepreneurs and executives. Mark Mills explains why digital acceleration is occurring but better yet, how the cloud juggernaut will alter the value of the physical economy, from materials to manufacturing to medicine. Trillions of new wealth will be created at the intersection of digital and physical.”

Publisher, Forbes

“In The Cloud Revolution, Mark Mills argues that not only is Moore’s law alive and well but a number of technologies are now maturing into powerhouses of their own. And the confluence of information and these new technologies will lead to another roaring era, akin to the 1920s, when radio, automobiles, airplanes, and electrification remade the world… Mills, who is a physicist and energy expert, broadens our too-often information-centric technological horizon with a host of new innovations in materials and machines.”

Nonresident Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

“Bringing a helpful historical perspective to the story of technological evolution, Mills compares present-day inventions with the miracles of yesteryear.”

Editor, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

“One of the most important economic books of 2021 . . . . This is a great book for anyone trying to understand how the stock market can rocket thousands of points to all-time highs while the world is suffering and struggling through a global pandemic.”

President, Vector Money Management, The Northside Sun

“Mills convincingly argues with verve, vitality, and – most importantly – evidence, that humanity is about to take a great step forward in the coming decade.


“The Cloud Revolution is nothing short of spectacular. And so is our future. As Mills opines near the end of an extraordinarily engrossing book, we’re at the beginning of ‘the most exciting and promising time in history.’ Yes we are. Mark Mills artfully shows us why we are.”


“For an understanding of new technology and where it will lead us, there’s no book like Mark Mills’ The Cloud Revolution.”

Economist, Adjunct Professor of Economics, George Washington University


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