The Cloud Revolution


The Cloud Revolution by Mark P. Mills – How the Convergence of New Technologies will unleash the next economic boom and a roaring 2020s.

“A timely… antidote to the debilitating pessimism that now reigns.” – Steve Forbes

At the Intersection of Technology, Policy, and Markets

Over my career, I’ve had the good fortune to work in technology development (earned a few patents ‘back in the day’), policymaking (as a young staffer in the Reagan White House Science Office, today at the Manhattan Institute), and in venture capital (in a boutique tech fund). We live in challenging times but exciting times too, as America and the world sit at the precipice of the next great growth wave. One thing I’ve learned: pessimism is easy but optimism emerges from unraveling realities without blinders. The most exciting part of my job is talking to brilliant innovators and policymakers and sharing what I learn with audiences.

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Robots, Drones, The Cloud

The Surprising Future of Energy Technology

Technology Megatrends

Internet Infrastructure

Innovation Deficit & Basic Research

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“If you want a speaker who will inspire reflection and action among your audience – go with Mark Mills. He is clear and thought provoking.”

Thomas Fanning, Chairman & CEO, Southern Company

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“The Cloud Revolution”

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How Much Energy Will the World Need?

Are we heading toward all-renewable energy?

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The energy transition delusion

inescapable mineral realities

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“He is so smart, it makes your head hurt. …Entertaining AND informative?  What a great combination.”

Bob Schoenberger, Chairman and CEO, Unitil Corp.

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Physicist, columnist, author, entrepreneur, board director, with a unique and innovative perspective on big trends in technology, markets, and policy, and on businesses realities.

Affiliations include: Texas Public Policy Foundation, Distinguished Senior Fellow, City Journal, Contributing Editor, Northwestern University Faculty Fellow, Yotta, Advisory Board. Tech advisor for venture capital. Frequent guest on podcasts, radio, cable & news shows.

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Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Mills explores technology and energy policy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and academic issues for Northwestern University’s McCormick school of engineering.



Mills is a co-founder and strategic partner in Montrose Lane, the nation’s first venture fund dedicated to software for the energy industrt. He is also a co-founder of Nuburu, a laser company. Earlier, he was tech strategist in a boutique venture fund, and was Chairman & CTO of ICx Technologies through IPO.

TV & Radio

TV & Radio

Mills has been a guest on numerous cable TV news and various radio talks shows, including CNN, FOX, CNBC, and earlier PBS, NBC, ABC, and on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.



Mills is a contributing editor for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. His articles have also appeared in many publications from the Wall Street Journal, to Real Clear, TechCrunch, and the New Atlantis.



In Digital Cathedrals, Mills explores the imminent expansions of a new information infrastructure and the “Cloud” era.



Mills co-authored, The Bottomless Well, which rose to #1 in Amazon’s science category. Bill Gates said, “this is the only book I’ve ever seen that really explains energy.”



In Work and the Age of Robots, Mills explores and debunks “robophobia,” the fear that robots will takeover our future.