The Energy to Prevent and Prosecute Wars

CITY JOURNAL . . . Whatever one thinks about its causes, course, and consequences, the war in Ukraine rages on. That unavoidable fact has brought many in Europe to something of an epiphany. In late February, at a summit of European leaders in Paris, French president Emmanuel Macron asserted that “[t]his is a European war,”…

‘The War Below’ Review: Digging for Minerals

WALL STREET JOURNAL . . . .Civilization would not exist were it not for miners. Every year the world’s oldest industry supplies hundreds of megatons of the primary metals and minerals that are essential to all subsequent industries—from medical devices to kitchen appliances, aircraft, toys, power plants, computers and cars.

When the Blackboard Carbon Tax Meets Reality

WALL STREET JOURNAL  . . . . (LETTER)_ . ..In “How Climate Policy Went Wrong” (Business World, Jan. 27), Holman Jenkins, Jr., notes that implementing a good carbon tax—“in a ‘no regrets’ fashion”—requires a trade for “cutting other taxes” of equal magnitude. Even if such a bipartisan tax trade could be hatched, you can take…

Tapping the Brakes on Electric Vehicles

CITY JOURNAL . . . . It’s been a rough few months for electric vehicle fans. During the January cold snap, social media sites were filled with sarcasm and pictures of Teslas stranded by freezing temperatures. Lots of “dead robots out there,” one wag put it.

Split the International Energy Agency Into Two To Avoid Shocks

REAL CLEAR POLITICS . . . . The International Energy Agency (IEA) turns 50 this year. It’s time to rethink the IEA’s role and for the United States, the biggest source of funding, to suspend IEA payments until it has been restructured for the times. Why? Start with the fact that the IEA was created because…