Amber Waves of Green

Once upon a time, a century ago, Americans competed with their transportation for food. Back then, almost 30% of the nation's verdant farm land was used to grow food for fuel–feeding horses, of course, our bio-chemical transportation infrastructure, instead of today's thermo-mechanical horsepower. Those days are gone.

Yellowcake Fever

Most investors have no idea that there is currently a mad speculative scramble going on in the commodities markets over the future price of uranium. Yellowcake, the raw unrefined uranium oxide from mines, has jumped from $10 per pound five years ago to $138 per pound recently. A year ago, yellowcake was selling for $45…

Google & Intel: Saving the Climate and Margins

A half-dozen years ago, an Internet eternity, the green punditocracy actually saw the World Wide Web as a tool that was virtually energy-free. Some even said the Web would just piggyback on the "existing telecom" infrastructure, surf along existing wires, sipping electrons.

A Power Portfolio

Have you had enough of oil stocks? Here's another energy play-invest in companies that will participate in the reinvention of the gasoline automobile around hybrid engines. 

Brawn & Brains

How to avoid the next blackout: Make the grid smarter. As instant pundits were too quick to point out last week, investment in grid assets has declined steadily in recent decades, while electricity demand has risen. Tangled regulatory reasons are to blame, and new investment in grid hardware is now urgently needed. But the grid…