Trump’s Keystone XL And Dakota Access Action: Pipelines To Prosperity?

By now it should go without saying that President Trump’s actions should be viewed in business terms first. Tuesday’s executive orders to get the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines finished were not really about energy or environmental issues. It’s all about delivering on a promise to kick-start jobs in the heartland in the cheapest and fastest possible…

The Art Of The Arctic Deal

What are we to make of the Obama Administration’s unprecedented move to permanently ban offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic coast? …the move was doubtless greeted with quiet delight in Riyadh and Bejing, and most of all in Moscow.

The Internet Of Things Won’t Be Big It’ll Be Huge

It’s time for a break from the sturm und drang of the political season. Herein an exploration of a macro trend that bodes well for America – and for investors. Of course governments are capable of either facilitating or stifling tech revolutions. But progress is (nearly) inevitable when tech cycles are foundational.