Prometheus Bound: How Regulations Stifle a U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

The conditions are ripe for a boom in American manufacturing, especially in high-tech, high-value-added sectors, including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, refined hydrocarbons, chemicals, and cloud infrastructure. Moreover, considering energy costs, property rights, and the quality of its workforce, the U.S. remains one of the world’s most competitive places to do business.

Manufacturing As A Service: The Emerging Revolutions In How And What We Produce

[Opens Video] DEAN’S LECTURE NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY McCORMICK SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING …….. Humanity has literally manufactured the world we live in. Without exception, every product, object, and service that makes modern life possible has to be fabricated. While food and fuel are self-evidently critical for sustaining all life and energizing machines, the biggest difference between the…