Manufacturing As A Service: The Emerging Revolutions In How And What We Produce

[Opens Video] DEAN’S LECTURE NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY McCORMICK SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING …….. Humanity has literally manufactured the world we live in. Without exception, every product, object, and service that makes modern life possible has to be fabricated. While food and fuel are self-evidently critical for sustaining all life and energizing machines, the biggest difference between the…

Are Skilled Trades Doomed to Decline?

Global forces and technology trends are creating opportunities as well as challenges for American workers. There are an estimated one-half million more jobs available than workers with relevant skills in trades from construction and manufacturing to aviation.

Expanding America’s Petroleum Power: Geopolitics in the Third Oil Era

Manhattan Institute Paper —  The majority of world petroleum trade remains dominated by nation-state companies, often directed by authoritarian regimes that wield energy riches as weapons of influence or intimidation. There has never been a more opportune time for America to capture the geopolitical “soft power” benefits from greater oil production and exports.