Energy Reform in Mexico: Next Step for the North American Energy Colossus?

Manhattan Institute Report Few think of Mexico in the same terms as Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that Mexico has similar quantities of hydrocarbon resources. That it is not seen this way reflects, in large measure, the decade-long decline in Mexico’s oil and gas production, as overseen by the state-owned oil monopoly Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).…

The Cloud Begins With Coal: The Report

The information economy is a blue-whale economy with its energy uses mostly out of sight. Based on a mid-range estimate, the world’s Information-Communications-Technologies (ICT) ecosystem uses about 1,500 TWh of electricity annually, equal to all the electric generation of Japan and Germany combined — as much electricity as was used for global illumination in 1985.  The ICT ecosystem now approaches 10% of world electricity generation.  Or in other energy terms – the zettabyte era already uses about 50% more energy than global aviation.