Digital Power in the 21st Century

That logic can become “digital is obvious. Mathematicians told us it could long before engineers delivered functioning digital computers. Three years ago, we began writing about a new concept –digital power, power under the control of systems so precise, so fast, that the power becomes as tractable, ordered, and determinate as digital logic.

CAT-Scanning Iraq

We don’t normally begin with observations from TV correspondents, but James Oberg of NBC News has a rock-solid technical background, and his report came, coincidentally, in the middle of our own exploration of spectral imaging. “The search for debris from the space shuttle Columbia is receiving valuable support,” Oberg reported on March 27, “from a…

Apply Materials in the Perfect Storm

Jim Morgan’s law: The number of transistors on a wafer doubles even faster than you think. Gordon Moore’s 18-month doubling rate refers to transistor density– the number of transistors per square inch of silicon wafer. But wafers grow too: 50 millimeters (mm) in diameter in 1970, 200mm a couple of years ago.

Powering RF Photons (II)

We first wrote about radio-frequency (RF) powerchips in November 2000 (Powering RF Photons) – the high powered silicon LDMOS chips that amplify “radio-frequency” (RF) currents to power levels of a hundred Watts or more. These high-frequency currents drive the antennas that punch out signals from million base stations to reach a billion cell phones, along…