Electron Spin

From the outside, the off-white cabinet looks much like Power Ones’s DC silicon power plant or Capstone’s microturbine. Inside is the kinetic-energy equivalent of a Mack truck rolling at 50 mph: two 600-pound steel flywheels, stacked vertically, and spinning silently in a vacuum at 7,700 rpm.

Silicon Power Plants

The room literally hums with power. We are standing in Liebert’s fully operational Nines demonstration facility in Delaware, Ohio. Its floor is crowded with innocuous gray cabinets. Each one occupies just three square yards of floor space, and stand just slightly taller than a refrigerator

Cisco of the Powercosm

The first great debate of the Powercosm pitted DC against AC, Thomas Edison against George Westinghouse. Westinghouse won, and the 60 Hz AC century followed: Alternation current is easier to transform (step voltage up or down), more efficient to transmit, and a natural fit with rotating and machinery — generators and motors.

The Law of the Powercosm: Burn Silicon

If you’re looking for 20 percent margins — on mileage, pollution, ROI, whatever — buy a Honda. Most power analysts are looking in that general direction, focused on yesterday’s problems and opportunities.