Lithium Batteries for the Silicon Body

A miniature brushless DC motor, built by Danaher’s Kollmorgen (DHR) (Digital Movers, February 2002), runs the 10,000 rpm pump in the AbioCor artificial heart. An ultra-high-energy-density lithium battery, implanted inside the heart itself, supples about 30 minutes of primary power to the motor.

Digital Movers

Electronic motion control brings quantum leaps in flexibility, precision, efficiency, and reliability to applications as diverse as robots, wheelchairs, lift trucks, and packaging machines.

X-Ray Vision

How do you “see” molecules? The molecules in plastic explosives? Or nerve gas? Or cocaine? Or Anthrax DNA? A dog’s nose is pretty good at this form of vision, which is why canines are showing up a lot in places like airports these days.

The Power of Millimeter Waves

Edison’s bulb radiates power around 500,000 GHz, which is convenient, because that’s in the frequency range our eyes can see. The downside: light doesn’t penetrate clothes, walls, fog, smoke, foliage, and dirt.

Highly Ordered Power

We built what became the four bombs; they hijacked them. We supplied the engineers, turbines and wings; they supplied suicidal fanatics and cardboard cutters. The Capitol was saved, apparently, because our civilians overwhelmed their conscripts in hand-to-hand combat on one of the planes.