Quantum Power

Over 650 scientists and engineers showed up for the bi-annual International Conference on silicon carbide (SiC) in October 1999. The techs were looking at the next big opportunity in Quantum Power – but irrational exuberance being what it was, Wall Street somehow got Power mixed up with Logic.

Analog Power

Analog Power? In a digital power report? Hard-wired analog power control circuits are dumb They aren’t programmable. Their primitive logic, such as it is, is fuzzy. But they are also blindingly fast, compact, frugal — and ubiquitous.

Electron Cache

Every engineer and manager in the building can look out on the new production line. A glass wall runs down the middle of the building, separating cubicles on one side from clean mini-rooms and automated assembly systems on the other.

From California to Calpine

What Powercosm lessons emerge from California’s chaos? What deep technology insights can we glean from rolling blackouts and finger-pointing politicians? None at all, one is tempted to answer, and that’s pretty close to right.

The Tunable Powercosm

Electricity is broadband power. A high-voltage electric line a few inches across conveys more power than the massive engine struts that link four giant turbines to the wings of a jumbo jet.

The Powerchip Paradigm 1: Digital Power

We are entering the century of the electron. Not the information century? The communications age? The bit era? Well, bits are electrons: small buckets of them in silicon capacitors, or propelled through metal wire, or (transformed into photons) oscillating through glass or air.