Drilling for More Jobs in America’s Heartland

RealClearEnergy With America's economy stuck in a lethargic "recovery mode" and the all-Washington all-media focus on the Affordable Care Act, President Obama took to the road last month to give a speech in Ohio about jobs and manufacturing. Buried in that speech we find a brief nod to the benefits of increased American oil and…

The Dodd-Frank energy train wreck

with Spencer Abraham …. The Energy Daily

There is an ironclad rule when it comes to energy politics: prices matter. And specifically when they spike up. Meanwhile, there is a reality in the business of energy that you can take to the bank—energy is a volatile commodity and there are…

Not Dead Yet — America’s manufacturing sector shows signs of life.

City Journal Conventional wisdom holds that America’s transition from a manufacturing to a service-based economy is nearly complete. Mining and making stuff are out; surgery and software development are in. The U.S. has entered a post-industrial era. Not so fast, says Vaclav Smil. In his new book, Made in the U.S.A.: The Rise and Retreat of…

“Cost-Effective” College Plan Could Chill Innovation

with Julio Ottino …. RealClearPolitics

Rising prosperity and all associated social benefits flow from innovation — none of which is found in the halls of Congress. It is in the halls of colleges and universities where we find and foster innovators — and where America’s unique advantage resides.