Big Data’s Green Creds


Some anniversaries pass with little fanfare.  The Altos, the world’s first personal computer, was invented 40 years ago by Xerox at their Silicon Valley PARC research labs.  Seeing it inspired Steve Jobs to create the epoch-changing Mac which led in turn to the proliferation of billions of computers around the globe.

R.I.P. Peak Oil As Oil Drum Closes Down

Real Clear Energy Print publications go out of business because the well of subscribers willing to pay for paper by snail-mail dries up. But it's rare for an on-line publication to close down because the well of ideas and content dries up. But this month the iconic blog The Oil Drum, announcedit's shutting down because of…

Crude Oil’s Coming Clash With Obama’s New Climate Policy

Investors Business Daily President Obama's speech at Georgetown University last week provided clarity, if there was ever any doubt, as to why the administration equivocates on approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline, heel-drags on permits for natural gas exports and restricts federal lands from hydrocarbon development. The president is doubling-down on policies unfriendly (to put…