How Cities Green the Planet

Peter W. Huber & Mark P. Mills City Journal Think of the skyscraper as America's great green gift to the planet. It packs more people onto less land, which leaves more wilderness undisturbed in other places, where the people aren't. The city gets Wall Street, Saks, the Met, and the Times Square crowds, which leaves…

Got a Computer? More Power to You

Peter Huber and Mark Mills It takes electrons to move bits. The digital economy, which most everyone loves, is completely dependent on the big central power plant, which most everyone hates. This is, or ought to be, an inconvenient fact for many politicians. Especially for those who would take credit for our digital prosperity,…

Forget Oil: It’s The Century of the Electron

Mark Mills Wall Street Journal With oil prices nearing $30 a barrel, is the "new economy" in trouble thanks to old-economy troubles? Will oil prices fuel inflation, undermine consumer and business confidence and put a drain on capital? Will oil markets drag down the fortunes of high-tech companies?

Micro Gen? Think Again.

Mark P. Mills Public Utilities Reports – Fortnightly Magazine PCs didn't kill mainframes. Distributed generation won't erase large central stations.