What It Will Take To Make The Energy Transition Happen: PART 4

RBN ENERGY ……….When you boil it down, there are only two energy-related responses to Russia’s war on Ukraine. First, there’s a big push to find sources of crude oil, refined products, natural gas and NGLs to replace Russian supplies as quickly as possible. Second, governments on both sides of the Atlantic are scrambling to reaffirm…

Inviting Inflation—and Energy Dependence

CITY JOURNAL …… Carbon taxes, and their functional equivalent disguised in the form of energy taxes, have faced political obstacles and serial failures to take effect ever since the debacle of the 1993 Clinton–Gore “BTU” tax. Now a bipartisan group of American lawmakers has proposed a “border carbon adjustment” tariff

The Coming Green-Energy Inflation

WALL STREET JOURNAL …… If you think inflation is bad, wait until the rest of the commodity markets really heat up. Although prices for basic materials like copper, aluminum, nickel and steel—used to build everything—have already inflated, they haven’t yet escalated as much as fuels and energy-driven commodities like food. But they will if European…

Unseen Costs Of The Energy Transition: Minerals And Metals Part 2

RBN ENERGY ………On March 24, 2022, in the wake of the still-unfolding crisis in Ukraine, “energy and climate ministers” from 40 countries convened in Paris for an International Energy Agency summit to send a “strong message of unity” regarding energy security and to issue a consensus on accelerating “clean energy transitions worldwide.” But there are…

How Robots Will Transform the 2020s

REASON MAGAZINE ………. There are now some 120,000 warehouses globally, and another 50,000 are likely to be added before 2025. Over the next few years, more robots will be deployed into these warehouses—the logistics market—than in all other application categories combined, including farming, medicine, and home use.