LEDs Light Way to Nobel Prize

Real Clear Science — co-author Julio Ottino Few inventions are as emblematic of modernity as artificial illumination.  Even today access to artificial light epitomizes the separation of a billion poor from the rest of humanity. Thus it is fitting that the 2015 Draper Prize from the U.S. National Academy of Engineering — for “significant improvement in the well-being and…

The Future of Cars: Batteries Included?


Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, has done what GM couldn’t when, 20 years ago, EV1 was introduced as the first (failed) mainstream, all-electric car. Tesla has moved electric vehicles (EVs) from cult to elite status. Seductively designed and impressively engineered, the nearly $100,000 Tesla is a must-own for one-percenters.

Five numbers reveal our energy future

USA Today When the newly elected Congress convenes in January, energy will be a priority. In fact energy is the “foundation” action item according to the just-released roadmap from Speaker of the House John Boehner. So this is a particularly good time to map out just how different the energy world is today, and will be in…

The Oil Price Swoon Won’t Stop the Shale Boom

Wall Street Journal

With oil prices sliding, energy investors are worried, while Saudi Arabia and Russia no doubt hope, that low prices will cap America’s boom in shale-oil production. Green-energy types sit by, happy to see turmoil in the fossil-fuel sector.

Smartphones: The SUVs Of the Information Superhighway

Real Clear Markets We can “revitalize entire communities, and connect people to jobs,” said President Obama a week ago in a discordant speech on the economy at Northwestern University calling for more roads and bridges. During the same week, the president’s Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, was talking at a less-noted event about infrastructure too,…

The Invention of the War Machine

The New Atlantis, co-author M. Anthony Mills War has “always been the mother of invention,” wrote the historian A.J.P. Taylor. The First World War in particular is often taken to be a hinge in technological history — the war in which horses were widely used for the last time and weapons of mass destruction were deployed for…