Professionals and Managers: You’re Next

CITY JOURNAL Here’s the dirty little secret about automation: it’s easier to build a robot to replace a junior attorney than to replace a journeyman electrician. And that fact helps explain why economists and politicians are feeling misgivings about “creative destruction,” which, up to now, they have usually embraced as a net good for society.

Making Technological Miracles

THE NEW ATLANTIS               Bill Gates wants a miracle. And he’s willing to put his prestige and a lot of money — as much as $2 billion — behind that pursuit. He has called for a major U.S. and global effort to stimulate research in the hope of finding…

The American Economy Needs Manufacturing

Real Clear Energy       America’s economy won’t boom again unless the manufacturing sector does. Period. Let’s stipulate that when it comes to the dignity of work, all jobs matter — whether coding in San Jose, construction work in Cincinnati, or urgent-care nursing in Queens. But the big question on the table is whether…

The Real Reason Trump Left the Paris Agreement

FORTUNE The Paris climate agreement was never about climate science. Anchored in the premise that climate science is “settled,” the accord seeks to dramatically change humanity’s energy supply. Here, the matter really is settled: It’s not going to happen.

Shale Wars

360 Review Magazine       So far it has cost Saudi Arabia something like $200 billion to undertake one of the most expensive experiments of all time.