5G Set Free

CITY JOURNAL …….    President Donald Trump has announced that 5G, the next communications revolution, will be “private-sector driven and private-sector led,” while the federal bureaucracy will focus on facilitating innovation and restructuring any regulatory impediments.

Moonshot Madness

REAL CLEAR POLICY ……. Despite the 57-0 drubbing the Green New Deal (GND) recently took in the Senate, its central thesis is not going away. Last week from his perch at the New York Times, Paul Krugman advised that “the Green New Deal is arguably an exercise in pragmatism” and “a proposal for economic transformation.” … When…

The Real Energy Revolution: Natural Gas

360 REVIEW MAGAZINE ……. Ever since the 1973 Arab oil embargo that shocked America, the oil side of the “oil & gas” industry has dominated media coverage and energy policy anxieties—not natural gas. That’s understandable, considering the context of those times.

Have We Got a Carbon Tax ‘Dividend’ for You

WALL STREET JOURNAL ………    This could be the year Congress tries to enact the mother of all taxes, a carbon tax—a levy on the use of oil, natural gas and coal. Everything that is fabricated, grown, operated or moved is made possible by hydrocarbons. That makes the carbon tax different from a mere consumption or…