Smart Grids: Greener & Easier to Hack

RealClearPolicy — The dog days of summer began with a sobering warning about “cyber-jihadists” in a new analysis from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology. Policymakers should anticipate sophisticated anti-American groups developing world-class hacking capabilities. Doubtless old news at the Pentagon’s Cyber Command.

The Future Of American Shale: Political & Energy Realities

RealClearEnergy — The battle lines around energy policy in this Presidential election cycle have been drawn early and starkly. It distills simply to shale versus solar. (Wind turbines can be included in the solar category since they capture the effect of the sun’s heat on the atmosphere.)

America’s Third Era Of Petroleum Power

Investor’s Business Daily — Relentless news coverage of oil prices has obscured a bigger story.  We’re witnessing the emergence of a new oil era in which America becomes a player in global petroleum geopolitics.  And none too soon.