The Data Are Clear: Robots Do Not Create Unemployment

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first electronic thinking machine that displaced knowledge workers. In February 1944, Britain’s Colossus, the world’s first computer, started to ‘think’ and successfully automate human mental labor. By the summer of 1944 there were three such machines hard at work. The rest, as they say, is history.

A Marshall Plan for Energy

National Review Online Now is the time to think about the next Euro-Russian conflict. Europe is steaming toward a new Cold War with Russia and dragging America along in its geopolitical bow wake. The U.S. is also embroiled in Russia’s proxy activities in the Middle East, where we have seen an Arab Spring dwindle into…

Every Datum Tells a Story : The dawning of the age of meta-information

City Journal — w. co-author M. Anthony Mills —  Every generation has its defining technology, and every decade, it seems, needs a label. The sixties were the Space Age, the nineties the Internet Age. The seventies and eighties saw the computer revolution. The decade just passed may come to be known as the Facebook Decade…

The Future Electric Grid

The American, American Enterprise Institute magazine We hear increasingly that technology is making today’s electric utility model ‘obsolete’ and will put its companies into a ‘death spiral.’ Is it possible that so much has changed so quickly?

Your Technology Is Powered by Coal. Get Over It.

RealClearEnergy Earlier this month Stanford University announced that its endowment would divest itself of any investments in companies "whose principal business is coal." … You do not have to have an opinion on global warming, or coal itself, to see a logic problem with the posture of eschewing companies that produce coal, but supporting companies that…