The Efficiency Wall and the Future of the Internet’s Energy Cost

“As the use of the Internet continues to grow and massive computing facilities are demanding that performance keep doubling, devoting corresponding increases in the nation’s electrical energy capacity to computing may become too expensive.” [National Academy of Sciences] A central tenet of nearly all Internet energy forecasts is that there will continue to be improvements…

Welcome to Earth Where Networks Gobble Power – and Coal

“Welcome to EARTH — a highly ambitious [European Union] … project, investigating the energy efficiency of mobile communication systems."  … Mobile telecommunication networks are increasingly contributing to global energy consumption.   So, does efficiency, less energy per unit of traffic, cut demand?

Media Matters Says Conservatives Rubber Stamp the Romney Energy Plan

Thank you Media Matters, for an efficient summary of the terms of the energy debate. I know it’s their job to cast issues like energy in the framework of “conservatives” who “rubber stamp” what Romney is proposing, and “liberals” who oppose it.  Fair enough.  But if the best, the core, of what they can come up…

The Next Great Growth Cycle

The American, Saturday, August 25, 2012 Today’s techno-pessimists say technology and America have plateaued. Such naysayers flourish during economic recessions. They have been wrong in every one of the 19 economic downturns we have experienced since 1912. They’re wrong again.