The Power Behind Big Data: A Global Survey

The post-2008 global recession didn’t significantly slow global data center construction.  What happens when robust economic growth returns? The rise of new Web-based services, feature-laden smart-phones and tablets, aps and video-everywhere, all end up visible in the rise in demand for data centers.

The Great New American Outsourcing, Clouds to China?

Fast forward to Olympics 2016.  Senator Reid is still the majority leader.  (It could happen.)  This time he’s not calling for the burning of our Olympic team’s Chinese-made uniforms as he recently did, but instead that we boycott watching the games on streaming video.  Why? Because, quelle horreur, in 2016 the gazillion gigabytes of Olympic…

The Solyndrafication of Healthcare Technology

Everyone wants healthcare that is better, more personal, useful, effective, and cheaper.  The key to conquering these conflicting objectives: technology.  Fortunately, we sit on the cusp of the biggest medical tech revolution in human history. But as every sentient citizen knows, the epicenter of action in this arena has just moved from the innovators and entrepreneurs…

China, The Cloud & Coal

China is likely to emerge as world’s best cloud computing infrastructure… [the] Chinese government has cited cloud computing as a Strategic Emerging Industry. 

“Like” a “Friend” & Burn Some Coal

EnergyFactsWeekly — The Cloud Begins With Coal Facebook’s new 300,000 square-foot data center, now operating in Forest City, North Carolina, took 16 months and 1.2 million labor-hours of construction, and …. This Facebook facility will require electricity from about one million tons of coal over the next decade

Tricorder Update — Social Medicine is the Next Big Thing After Social Media

You want a vision for the future of health care?  Don’t look to policymakers and regulators.  Look to innovators and innovations.   Look to San Diego’s wireless mesas and San Francisco’s silicon valleys.  Look at Scanadu’s protean medical Tricorder.  They get it, and it’s awesome.  Watch their one-and-a-half-minute video before reading on. Scanadu’s vision embraces patient-centric healthcare as a personal information service,…