Health Care (Desperately) Needs More Robots

INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY …. >>   Economists are notoriously lousy at predicting technology or understanding the laws of nature.  But the closest economists get to having a law of physics is in the truism that increasing productivity is the primary force driving economic growth.

Robots to the Rescue—of Manufacturing

CITY JOURNAL .… >> It’s mostly accepted wisdom in policy circles: automation means that manufacturing employment is destined to follow the historical example of farm work, becoming a negligible share of the U.S. workforce. Even those who embrace the Trump administration’s efforts to “onshore” factories say that we should be “honest about the facts,” especially to…

The Policymaker’s Dilemma: Believe Economists or Innovators?

REAL CLEAR POLICY …. >> The economy is picking up a little steam. But it’s still a far cry from the go-go growth fondly remembered from the Reagan and Clinton eras. And when it comes to forging policies intended to accelerate the economy, we have a clear division between two camps. On one side are…

Fear Not The ‘Intelligent’ Machine

Inside Sources …..>> Polls reveal most Americans fear artificial intelligence. Blame the culture, not the machines. Start with Hollywood’s long love affair with robots running amok. Two iconic examples: the “thinking machine” HAL in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 movie “2001,” and the rogue “Terminator” robots in a movie series that began in 1984.