Trump must establish an export-centric energy strategy

Washington Examiner       Thanks to the dramatic increase in our domestic capabilities to produce oil and natural gas, the U.S. can now pivot away from a goal of just “energy independence” to instead flex market power to reset the geopolitical status quo in energy.

Our Frackers Beat Their Hackers

Real Clear World We are supposed to believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump have a budding bromance, as it is called, because Trump made a few off-hand comments during the campaign.

Krupp v. Mills

Real Clear Policy      Let me start where Fred Krupp and I agree. We both want a more secure America, a vibrant economy and more jobs

The Path to a Bipartisan Energy Agenda

Real Clear Policy          Imagine it’s after Inauguration Day. The next president asks the staff of, say, the White House Science Office to come up with a strategy for a bipartisan energy policy for the post-campaign-promise period.

Let’s Stop Arguing About Energy Jobs

RealClearEnergy — Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made the creation of so-called “energy jobs” a regular topic on the campaign trail. At a stop in Michigan, Clinton asserted that America could become a “clean energy superpower … and create millions of jobs.” Trump, at a Pennsylvania rally in coal and shale country, proposed “an energy revolution, and that means a lot of jobs, especially for this area.”