Silicon Valley’s Political Perils

City Journal .……….. It’s a truism that Silicon Valley leans left, but the average tech millionaire is not easy to pigeonhole ideologically. A revealing, if little-noted, 2017 study from Stanford University compared more than 600 “elite technology company leaders and founders,” ….

Solar Power Too Cheap to Meter? Another Green Dream

e21 ……..        Not satisfied with the mere claim that solar and wind are reaching parity with the costs of conventional energy technologies, green enthusiasts are upping the ante claiming that, as one UBS bank analyst recently put it, by “2030, the cost [of solar] could be so near to zero it will effectively be free.”

Disruption Ahead—and Regulation

CITY JOURNAL ….         The story is iconic: in 1976, Apple began in a garage in suburban Los Altos, California; in 2018, it became the first $1 trillion company. It took AT&T close to the same number of years to rise from its founding to become the first company to reach a $1…

The Workforce Revolution That’s Long Overdue

CITY JOURNAL ….        In these contentious times, perhaps it’s heartening that Ivanka Trump and Silicon Valley’s potentates have at least one thing in common: concern for the future of America’s workforce. As the White House point person on a new jobs initiative, Trump wrote in a recent op-ed that it’s high time “to deliver better…